We are a multi-functional group that strives to support our Moms, our Community, and our Families.

Support Moms

Through monthly meetings, MOMS Nights Out, and activities like book group, or secret sister gift exchange we strive to support our moms by giving them time to network with other moms and demonstrate their creativity.  We are a volunteer run organization, so our members have opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities that fit their talents - board member positions, planning activities, hosting events, or mentoring and encouraging new members.  

Support Community

MOMS Club® of Augusta strives to support kids and families in our community through service projects.   Membership can be a helpful way to learn more about what activities are offered for families in our community, and we also look for ways to teach our children about giving back!

Support Families

We have a Sunshine Committee that helps organize support for families that have recently welcomed a new baby or our facing a family emergency. We also occasionally offer whole family events for our members and have associate memberships available on a case-by-case basis for stay at home parents and grandparents other than moms that allow participation in some, but not all, of our activities.

Are Members required to attend all the meetings and events?
As a member – you are not required to attend anything.
But – the more you attend the more you will reap the benefits of the MOMS Club!