All MOMS Club activities are completely optional--members may participate as much or as little as they like.

Meet & Greet
Our a great way to meet other members of the club that aren't in your playgroup. We also will talk a little bit about things going on that month in the moms club and plan the next months Moms Night Out. In the past this event has been known as the business meeting but we like meet and greet better! This is a great way for potential members to meet others in the club and see if they would be a good fit. Held usually the second Thursday of the month at 10am unless otherwise noted.
If interested in attending, please contact us through the "contact us" for location of meeting an other details.  

Weekly Activities

We currently have three weekly playgroups, which are organized by age (siblings are always welcome). Members host playgroups at their houses or at a park. The host provides snacks and juice. Although it depends on the number of participants in each playgroup, members usually host once every two to three months. For birthdays, moms often request to host and may serve cupcakes or have other special preparations.

Monthly Activities

We have a monthly Brunch Buddies (pot luck-style at a home) and MOMS Lunch (dining out at a child-friendly restaurant) once a month. Our MOMS Club® meetings are also held monthly. At the meetings, we plan our quarterly service projects and handle other business. We also have guest speakers or art projects for the kids at the monthly meetings. For the Moms, we have a monthly MOMS Night Out--this may involve dinner or a movie (or both) or a game night.  In 2016 we also started a partnership with Imagination Station, a local children's museum.  Our club membership allows Moms Club Members to visit the museum at this planned time for no additional fee (Moms Club Members will need to pay or join to go to the museum at other times).  

Additional Activities

We regularly schedule extra activities and field trips. Most of these take place in the CSRA. Mom-hosted activities include special storytimes and holiday parties. Local excursions include stable visits, sporting events, firehouse tours, museums, nature walks, and putt-putt. We also participate in seasonal activities like corn maizes and berry farms, and occasionally travel to Atlanta or Columbia, SC for special events. We also have a monthly book club that is offered to the moms of our group and run by them as well. Please view the Sample Calendar for an idea of how much we have to offer.